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    James Hilliard, Jason Furmanek, Jaya, Jens Glaser, Jerry Ge, Jiao Dian'S Power Plant, Jie Fu, Jinzhe Zeng, Jukyy, Kaixi Hou, Kanvi Khanna, Karel Ha, karllessard, Koan-Sin Tan, Konstantin Beluchenko, Kulin Seth, Kun Lu, Kyle Gerard Felker, Leopold Cambier, Lianmin Zheng, linlifan, liuyuanqiang, Lukas Geiger, Luke Hutton, Mahmoud Abuzaina, Manas Mohanty, Mateo Fidabel, Maxiwell S. Garcia, Mayank Raunak, mdfaijul, meatybobby, Meenakshi Venkataraman, Michael Holman, Nathan John Sircombe, Nathan Luehr,...
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  2. src/testdata/Isaac.Newton-Opticks.txt

    without losing its transparency, and in a very strong Heat calcining
    without Fusion. Steep'd a Day or two in Water, it loses its natural
    Polish. Being rubb'd on Cloth, it attracts pieces of Straws and other
    light things, like Ambar or Glass; and with _Aqua fortis_ it makes an
    Ebullition. It seems to be a sort of Talk, and is found in form of an
    oblique Parallelopiped, with six parallelogram Sides and eight solid
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