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    gr_read gr_rename gr_replay gr_save gr_set gr_setscheme gr_table gr_undo gr_use graph graph7 grebar greigen greigen_7 greigen_8 grmeanby grmeanby_7 gs_fileinfo gs_filetype gs_graphinfo gs_stat gsort gwood h|0 hadimvo hareg hausman haver he heck_d2 heckma_p heckman heckp_lf heckpr_p heckprob hel help hereg hetpr_lf hetpr_p hetprob hettest hexdump hilite hist hist_7 histogram hlogit hlu hmeans hotel hotelling hprobit hreg hsearch icd9 icd9_ff icd9p iis impute imtest inbase include inf infi infil infile infix...
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