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    019_9015, title = {PyTorch: An Imperative Style, High-Performance Deep Learning Library}, author = {Paszke, Adam and Gross, Sam and Massa, Francisco and Lerer, Adam and Bradbury, James and Chanan, Gregory and Killeen, Trevor and Lin, Zeming and Gimelshein, Natalia and Antiga, Luca and Desmaison, Alban and Kopf, Andreas and Yang, Edward and DeVito, Zachary and Raison, Martin and Tejani, Alykhan and Chilamkurthy, Sasank and Steiner, Benoit and Fang, Lu and Bai, Junjie and Chintala, Soumith}, booktitle...
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    needs to mention: Trevor Killeen, Sasank Chilamkurthy, Sergey Zagoruyko, Adam Lerer, Francisco Massa, Alykhan Tejani, Luca Antiga, Alban Desmaison, Andreas Koepf, James Bradbury, Zeming Lin, Yuandong Tian, Guillaume Lample, Marat Dukhan, Natalia Gimelshein, Christian Sarofeen, Martin Raison, Edward Yang, Zachary Devito.
    Note: this project is unrelated to [hughperkins/pytorch]( with the same name. Hugh is a valuable contributor in the Torch community...
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    Schoentgen, Miguel Morin, Mihail Salnikov, Mikalai Drabovich, Mike Arpaia, Mike
    Holcomb, minds, monklof, Moses Marin, mpppk, Mr. Metal, Mshr-H, musikisomorphie,
    nammbash, Natalia Gimelshein, Nathan Luehr, Nayana-Ibm, Nayana Thorat, neargye,
    Neeraj Pradhan, Nehal J Wani, Neil, Nick, Nick Lewycky, Niels Ole Salscheider,
    Niklas SilfverströM, Niranjan Hasabnis, Nuka-137, Nutti, ocjosen, olicht,
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