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  1. website/blog/

    - [Using Jest with vue.js]( got a lot easier after reading Cristian Carlesso's blog post.
    - [Michele Bertoli wrote a book about React Design Patterns and Best Practices]( which features an entire section about Jest.
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  2. website/blog/

    like to deeply thank all the people that have [contributed to Jest this year](, both from the open source community and at Facebook: Dmitrii Abramov, Cristian Carlesso, Dan Abramov, Daniel Lo Nigro, Maxim Derbin, Evan Scott, Forbes Lindesay, Keyan Zhang and 60 more people. We'd also like to welcome [Michał Pierzchała (@thymikee)]( as first official external contributor to Jest. He's...
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  3. runtime/syntax/sicad.vim

    syn keyword sicadStatement arcopy arcopyo arcorr arcreate arerror
    syn keyword sicadStatement areval arflfm arflop arfrast argbkey
    syn keyword sicadStatement argenf argraph argrapho arinters arkompfl
    syn keyword sicadStatement arlasso arlcopy arlgraph arline arlining
    syn keyword sicadStatement arlisly armakea armemo arnext aroverl
    syn keyword sicadStatement arovers arparkmd arpars arrefp arselect
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